Data Breach Notification Scheme Training Webinar - for Health Service Providers (2021)

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This webinar provides training for senior staff of health service provider organisations on the requirements of the Data Breach Notification Scheme (DBN Scheme) under the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

The DBN Scheme requires organisations that suffer a serious data breach to notify the Commissioner and individuals of the incident. The requirements have a major impact on how organisations are required to manage incidents and the ramifications of breaches.

The course provides industry-specific training, addressing obligations and scenarios specifically in the context of health services. It equips participants with a detailed understanding of:

•  the DBN Scheme requirements;
•  governance mechanisms required to meet obligations;
•  how prompt remedial action can prevent notification requirements being triggered;
•  how to apply scheme requirements in real-life scenarios;
•  issues to address in supplier and client contracts.

Attendees receive a bound Participant Handbook which contains course materials and provides a DBN Scheme reference handbook for future use.

The course can be purchased as a package (50% discount) with the Privacy Training Webinar - for Health Service Providers (which concludes one hour prior). Each course must be registered for separately (with discount coupons for the DBN Scheme course - see below).

Course outline

      Entities, information and acts
      Employee records
      Remedial action
2-Scheme requirements
      Breach Assessment
      Review exemptions
3-Breach assessment
      Suspected breaches
      "Eligible data breach"
      "Serious harm"
4-Data breach statement
      Contents of statement
      Sample statement
      To Commissioner
      To individuals
6-Jointly-held information
      Special provisions
      Contractual measures

Who should attend?

Senior staff of health service providers responsible for managing privacy, such as Privacy Officers, medical records managers and risk managers.


Jeremy Douglas-Stewart is a specialist privacy consultant and has been recognised as a leading privacy lawyer in Australia and corporate workshop presenter. Jeremy has extensive experience in advising businesses and government on privacy laws and data management practices, has published widely in the field of privacy (including as author of an Australian privacy law loose-leaf reporting service) and has over 15 years’ experience in delivering privacy training seminars. Jeremy was a member of the Privacy Commissioner's Consultative Group during the review of the Privacy Act in 2004/05 and of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Privacy Principles Roundtable in 2007.


Workshop format (PowerPoint presentation, case studies, group discussions and practical activities)

Cost -

$250 + GST


Package discount -  50% when purchased with the Privacy Training Webinar - for Health Service Providers (enter coupon code "pack50" when registering online for DBN Scheme course). It is necessary to register for the two webinars separately.

Group discounts - 2 persons - 5%; 3 persons - 7.5%; 4 + persons - 10% (applied automatically)

Not-For-Profit discount - 5%. To obtain the discount when ordering online, enter coupon code “nfp” (if ordering with a 50% package discount, enter coupon code "pack50nfp" to obtain both discounts together, totally 55%).

Materials only If you cannot attend a webinar, Participant Handbooks can be ordered separately at a 50% discount. Simply register a place in a webinar with the coupon code "handbook" and the order will be processed accordingly.

Dates & times  (January - June 2021)

 Day   Time
 Wed, 2 June   4.00 pm - 5.00 pm (AEST)
 Fri, 11 June   1.30 pm - 2.30 pm (AEST)
 Wed, 16 June   4.00 pm - 5.00 pm (AEST)
 Fri, 25 June   1.30 pm - 2.30 pm (AEST)

Booking deadline: 7 days prior to date of workshop.

To request e-notification of webinar dates for the July to December 2021 period once they are set, send us your email address through our contact us form with "Notification request - Privacy webinar" in the subject field  

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