Queensland State Lands Handbook  

Author: Chris Boge, Special Counsel, Clayton Utz



This work provides a comprehensive handbook on Queensland State lands law and practice for lawyers, local authorities, government departments and agencies.

The text provides an in-depth guide to the legislative framework governing State lands and underlying policies, land allocation and tenure, public purpose land, transport infrastructure land, waters and submerged lands, natural resources, Indigenous land rights and land administration. Commentary contains extensive practice notes, flowcharts, figures and diagrams. The publication provides an invaluable tool for those involved in managing State lands.

The Handbook complements the Annotated Land Act 1994 which provides comprehensive annotations and commentary to the Land Act. 



This guide fills a yawning gap in Queensland’s legal publications … Boge provides an … overview of relevant provisions, an analysis of issues and trends and case annotations … Boge’s orientation as a practitioner is evident in his approach…He clearly has an eye to the practical application of the law and the needs of both decision makers and advisers. He … [has] adopted a range of innovative techniques which make the publication very accessible to both … I am confident that government officers will find the service helpful … Solicitors, in particular, will appreciate the guidance given …

- Fleur Kingham, QLD District Court Judge


… this very useful manual … will quickly find its place on the bookshelves of practitioners and government alike … There is emphasis placed on the role of policy in the question of decision-making and the precepts that have given rise to the mechanisms in place to day … The work is thoughtful in its catering both to those whose knowledge of areas is in depth … and the practitioner who may require some back ground to the area of Crown tenure...Mr Boge peppers his volumes with resources geared at those dealing with the various departments administering the processes underpinning the Acts … the book is a long-awaited contribution to the vacuum of commentary in this area. (see full review (PDF))

- Stephen E Jones, Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers


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Part I—Introduction to and objects of State lands law
   Ch 1—Introduction to the Queensland State lands 
   Ch 2—Objects of the Land Act 1994
Part II—Land allocation
   Ch 3—Land allocation and the statutory grants system
   Ch 4—The fee simple
   Ch 5—The State lease
   Ch 6—Permits and licences
Part III—Public purpose land
   Ch 7—Trust land
   Ch 8—Protected areas
   Ch 9—State forests, timber reserves, forest entitlement areas & forest products
   Ch 10—Recreation areas
   Ch 11—Marine parks 

Part IV—Transport infrastructure land
   Ch 12—Roads
   Ch 13—Stock route management
   Ch 14—Ports
   Ch 15—Airports
   Ch 16—Railway land
Part V—Queensland waters and submerged lands
   Ch 17—Queensland waters and submerged lands
   Ch 18—Public and private rights in relation to Queensland waters
   Ch 19—Management of and works in Queensland waters and submerged lands
Part VI—Natural resources
   Ch 20—Mining, petroleum and fossicking interests
   Ch 21—Quarry material
   Ch 22—Fish habitats and related matters
   Ch 23—Other natural resource products
   Ch 24—Vegetation management
Part VII—State lands administration
   Ch 25—State lands registration system
   Ch 26—Administration of State lands under the Land Act 1994
Part VIII—Indigenous land rights
   Ch 27—Native title
   Ch 28—Statutory indigenous land rights
Part IX—Miscellaneous
   Ch 29—Compulsory acquisition of land by the State
   Ch 30—Educational institutions
   Ch 31—Major sporting facilities
   Ch 32—Other matters relating to State lands


About the author

Chris Boge is Special Counsel at Clayton Utz in the Government Services division. Chris was previously Principal Lawyer at the Office of the Official Solicitor to the Public Trustee of QLD. He is a recognised land tenure expert, a part-time law lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology and a regular presenter at legal conferences and seminars.







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