Data Breach Notification Scheme Guide & Toolkit



The Data Breach Notification Scheme: Guide & Toolkit provides detailed guidance on the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act's new Data Breach Notification Scheme (DBN Scheme) and the development of a framework to comply with these.

The Scheme, which commenced on 22 February 2018, requires organisations that suffer a data breach posing a serious risk of harm to individuals to notify the Commissioner and individuals about the breach. The requirements have a major impact on how organisations are required to manage incidents and the ramifications of breaches.

The guide is written in concise, practical language to assist users to quickly understand requirements and to develop compliance solutions.

The publication includes:
  in-depth guidance on scheme requirements
  overview of good data breach response management
  extensive commentary on: 
     o  how to assess whether a breach may cause "serious harm"
     o  compliance measures to develop
     o  drafting notification statements
     o  practical considerations when notifying individuals
     o  how to incorporate compliance measures in a data breach response
management framework
  flowchart to manage compliance
  sample notification statement
  guidance on issues to address in supplier and client contracts
  sample contractual clauses

This product compliments, and can be purchased as a pack with, the Data Breach Response Guide & Toolkit (see below).

Contents & sample pages

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The work is authored by Jeremy Douglas-Stewart. Jeremy is a specialist privacy consultant advising businesses and government on privacy laws and data management practices. He has been recognised as a leading privacy lawyer in Australia. Jeremy has published extensively in the field of privacy and is author of a national privacy law loose-leaf service. He was a member of the Privacy Commissioner's Consultative Group during the review of the Privacy Act in 2004/05 and of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Privacy Principles Roundtable in 2007. Jeremy regularly delivers privacy training workshops around Australia.


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